Much ado about new forms of governance – what’s behind it?

Welcome to the website of the Innovation in Governance Research Group!

We are an interdisciplinary research group examining the emergence, development, and expansion of new forms of governance.

Our aim is to devise a theoretical framework for the study of innovation in governance by implementing case studies on the global 'innovation journeys' of selected policy instruments and on their interaction with selected policy domains which delineate social-ecological contexts of implementation.

Alongside theory-based and empirical research, a transdisciplinary 'policy foresight' methodology will be developed to construct scenarios of future innovation pathways and discuss sustainability implications.

In September 2009, the group received funding for an initial four-year period from the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) under its social-ecological research programme. It is based at the Technische Universität Berlin in affiliation with the Department of Sociology and the Centre for Technology and Society.


Innovation in science governance, and possible dynamics

The momentum on science policy debates is increasing. Recent developments in Germany include the call for the orientation of research and higher education towards sustainable development, as well as increased efforts by civil society organizations to mobilize for a 'research transition'. Jan-Peter Voß draws out the challenges of democratic governance of research and innovation with the scenario of a 'technoscientific arms race for sustainability' (in German). These may be promoted by the proposal for a new social contract for a 'transformative sustainability science' as put forward by the German government's Advisory Council on Global Environmental Change. You can download an extended version of the paper here.

Project duration extended

The Federal Ministry has approved an extension of the duration of our project until May 2014. This gives us the opportunity to complete parts of the project work for which funding had been granted but which we could not yet make use of due to times of parental leave etc.


Upcoming Events

20 – 23 August 2014: 4S conference “Science in context(s): Souths and Norths”

Buenos Aires, Intercontinental Hotel

18 September 2014: Innovation in governance: the social life of social innovations

University of Gothenburg

20 – 21 November 2014: ‘Epistemic Communities in Europe’

University of Siegen