Third Berlin Forum Innovation in Governance

Shaping innovation in governance? Inducements, opportunities and limitations for engaging with governance in the making

Thursday 31 May & Friday 1 June 2012


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Thursday 31 May
H 2036

Welcome & introduction

Keynote dialogue
Andy Stirling, University of Sussex, UK
From Sustainability, through Diversity to Transformation: towards more reflexive governance of innovation

Frank Fischer, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA
Sustainable Development as Transformative Learning: Reflexivity in Deliverative Environmental Governance
Session I: Discourses of innovation in governance

Governing the Future: Dispositives of Creativity and organized innovation strategies of the Present

Knowledge and Politics of the Public: Elements for analyzing the rise of social innovation agenda in policy discourse in Colombia
Discussant: Sonja van der Arend, Technische Universiteit Delft

The discourse on market-based instruments and ist repercussions on practices of international environmental governance
Discussant: Dieter Plehwe, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin
Session II: Practices of innovating governance

Katharina Welle, University of Sussex
Monitoring performance or Performing Monitoring? The case of monitoring rural water access in Ethiopia
Discussant: Arie Rip, Universiteit Twente

Bonno Pel, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Reconfiguring what network? (Road) network sychronization in Dutch traffic management

New modes of governance in the Bavarian Alps: The mountain forest initiative at work

Poster flashlight, poster session & reception

Jaap Rozema: Examining Reflexive Governance and Public Advocacy in Environmental Impact Assessment

Pauline Riousset: Evidence-based policy as a principle of governance: conditions of success

Lanka Horstink: Food Sovereignty and ecological democracy: a way out of the "green developmentalism" paradigm?

Sabine Stuart-Hill: Pragmatic Solutions for South Africa's water sector by understanding governance and designing innovations

Sonja van der Arend: Governance innovation from below. How professional NGOs invented and introduced a new mode of spatial planning

Justus Dreyling: Global union federations and transnational governance. Organizational determinants of strategic innovation

Birute Mikulskiene: Challenges for policy network governance: design of organizational framework

Elke Herrfahrdt: Institutional resilience of governance regimes: The role of continuity and change

Yuti Fatimah: Narrative in Governance: Case of Bio-fuel in Indonesia


Friday 1 June

Session III: Agency and dynamics of innovation in governance

Risk management and the innovation of governance

Janet Merkel, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin
Creating structure from talk? On boundaries, obstacles and failure in new forms of creative governance, or when too much novelty hampers innovation in governance

Session IV: Agency and dynamics of innovation in governance

Joern Hoppmann, ETH Zurich

Discussant: Jason Chilvers, University of East Anglia
Session V (two parallel streams): Exploring cases from different fields

(a) Shaping innovation in the governance of technological innovation

Seyed Mohamad Sadegh Emamian, University of Edinburgh
The Politics of Innovating Governance in the UK Energy Policy: The Case of Electricity Market Reform

Joint Technology Initiatives. A case study of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking

(b) Shaping innovation in the governance of risky objects

Rebecca-Lee Korinek & Sylvia Veit, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin
An innovative design on scientific policy advice in practice. Studying the changing patterns of interaction in German food safety administration
Discussant: Lanka Horstink, Technical University Lisbon

Anne Bergmans & Jan-Willem Barbier, Universiteit Antwerpen
From Stakeholder to Shareholder: a Partnership Approach to Siting and Designing A Radioactive Waste Repository

Concluding discussion


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